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If you own The Recovered and have listened to the commentary, you probably remember the part where Mike reacts to the razor blade scene.

Now, remember Wheel of the Worst #5, when Mike reacts to the Exacto Knife in the abortion part of the S.O.S. tape?

I think Mike’s got some problems with sharps.

Contest has wrapped up!

Trying to find the best method of randomizing the winner, so we’ll be contacting people soon.

Thanks to all who participated. I had started this blog as a way to promote RLM on Tumblr a bit more than it had been, and to see people get into it. Now more than a thousand people can spread the word about some of my favorite entertainers on the internet.

I highly recommend you check out their Patreon, as every dollar they get counts towards something even better than the last.

Thanks again!


A lot of people have been letting us know that the actor that played Samurai Cop has recently resurfaced after years of speculation that he had died. Here is our response to those comments.